Hello there, I'm Daniel Demerin

Developer Designer

My Name is Daniel Demerin!

I'm a former animator and designer turned web developer. I've always had a passion for learning and a drive to take on new challenges. These two traits were the catalyst that led me to the full-stack web-development course at Suncoast Developers Guild. As a recent graduate, I'm ready to join an energetic and creative team, put my new skills and design expertise to the test, and continue to grow as a developer.

But challenging myself to be better doesn't only happen in front of a computer. In my free time, I can either be found rock climbing, lifting weights at the gym, playing my violin or guitar, or training in the martial arts.


React Hooks, ASP.NET, EF Core, REST API


C#, Javascript, HTML5, SCSS/CSS5, SQL(PostgreSQL)


Daydream Books

Daydream Books is a commmunity-curated library of children's books where users can upload their favorite books and view them on a dynamic page-flipping UI.

Live Site
GitHub Repository

Suncoast Overflow

A group project completed with Stefan Bettaglio and Marcus De La Garza to make a clone of Stack Overflow. In this project, users can search for questions, ask a question, answer a question, and up/down vote both questions and answers.

Live Site
GitHub Repository


A React clone of GitHub's Octodex. This was an exercise in ReactJS where I honed my use of React components and React State Hooks to store, map, and render data from API calls while matching the HTML and CSS styling of the original site.

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Color Picker

This was my first introduction to ReactJS by creating a simple color-picker to understand the use of React State Hooks and React Effect Hooks.

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